Before you begin your personal health evaluation at HealthSpringMD, each patient must complete a comprehensive Health Questionnaire and Personal Profile with our medical team.

This process and information will help us gain valuable insight into each patient’s health history, concerns, issues and expectations. HealthSpringMD then performs comprehensive lab work for each patient so we can assess an individual’s baseline and personal medical data we will need to develop the treatment plan. This information is paramount in establishing each patient’s goals and developing a customized solution for them to achieve them.

New Patient Paperwork

Acrobat  HealthSpringMD New Patient Intake Forms – coming soon!

All of the above forms will need to be completed by all new patients.  Please feel free to download these forms, print, and fill them out, prior to your first visit and/or consultation.  To view these forms on your computer, please make sure you have the latest version of free Adobe Reader, which you can get here:

5 Pillars of Health – Summary