Many people assume that their health and wellness goals depend on managing the most immediate struggle to their overall health, at any given time. In reality, there are actually five pillars of health that need to be maintained and balanced to achieve and sustain optimal health and wellness.

1.) Hormones: Hormones act as the primary messengers in our bodies. Without the balance between our fat burning and fat storing hormones, we experience any number of abnormal symptoms. Properly testing and regulating our hormones are important practices for adults of all ages.

2.) Nervous System: Your body is meant to be a well-oiled machine, and when one component is not functioning the way it should, all others are thrown off track. Specifically, our “fight or flight” hormone, cortisol, acts as a major player in the nervous system. Cortisol is not only considered a “fat-storing” hormone but also follows a circadian rhythm, which changes pattern during the course of each day. Proper testing and monitoring are the only way to keep our metabolism, stress levels, and sleep patterns in check. Regulating our nervous system can not only help us lose unnecessary weight but also regulate the hormones that aid in full-body stability.

3.)Detoxification: Many may be surprised to learn that our overall well-being is established and maintained in the gut. Believe it or not, there are many issues beyond digestive upset that find their roots in our gastro-intestinal health. Our hormones are activated through the gut, as well as our neurotransmitters. This means that hormone imbalance, as well as issues like mood disorder, depression, and insomnia may not find their answer in the brain…they may be liver, kidney, and gut problems!

4.) Nutrition: We all know that nutrition plays a huge role in how we feel. Everyone has heard (rightfully so) that “we are what we eat!” The basis for optimal nutrition, however, goes much deeper. Food sensitivities can disrupt even the simplest day-to-day feelings of hunger, bloating, grogginess, and indigestion. Inflammation and autoimmune diseases often begin with the food that we ingest, so proper testing and regulation can be a key part of total body healing.

5.) Fitness: Contrary to popular belief… not all exercise is created equal! The myth of “calories in, calories out” is just that; a myth! Each individual person is different, and the genetic disposition that we possess can prompt us to discover not only what

type of exercise will help us reach our wellness goals, but also the duration and frequency that will lead us to long-term health.

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